Outside of the wedding we hope you take some time to enjoy Missoula, it has a lot to offer.

Fair warning: breweries and distilleries stop serving at 8PM. Montana has fun liquor laws!


Draught works

Our favorite brewery in town. Casual vibe with a big patio, great beer.

Western Cider

If you’re not into beer, Missoula has a cidery! Large patio. Try the Whiskey Peach.

montgomery distillery

Craft cocktails.


Brewpub, tacos, basement arcade. Open later, until midnight. Good place to bring a board game or two and play upstairs.

Kettlehouse Brewery

Multiple locations, but Southside is the better one and closer to most things. Open later, until 9:30PM.

Other favorite places to drink

Dram Shop. Imagine Nation Brewing. Highlander Brewing. Bayern. Seriously, we have so many breweries. Fun fact: Montana ranks second in the nation for breweries per capita.



One of our favorite restaurants in town. Indian/Himalayan. Lots of vegetarian options.

BurnS Street Bistro

New brunch menu every weekend. Their food truck also serves at Draught Works Sundays.

Biga Pizza

Best pizza in town.

Sweet peaks

Ice cream. Such good ice cream. Interesting flavors, last year’s favorite was basil orange sorbet.

Dino cafe

Don’t be scared that it’s in the back of a dive bar, it’s part of the charm. Cajun food. Try the gumbalaya. Cash only.

other favorite places to eat

Plonk (rooftop seating). Catalyst. Notorious P.I.G. BBQ. Wally & Bucks. Cafe Dolce. Big Dipper. Paul’s Pancake Parlor. If you want to get a little bit out of town, Lolo Steakhouse, Lolo Distillery and and Lolo Brewery are a short drive away in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley.


Saturday farmer’s market

There are technically three spanning from Spruce St. to the river. Food, produce, art.

Caras Park

Park downtown with free events, carousel. Check out the man-made endless wave.


Nice hiking area where Nathan proposed!

hike the M

The trail starts on the UM campus and is a short hike with a great view. You’ll be able to see the town and the entire Bitterroot valley.

garden of 1,000 buddahs

One of the most neat/random places in the area. If you go here, go slightly farther and get a donut at the Windmill Bakery in Ravalli.

Other Favorite Sights

National Bison Range. Fort Missoula. Traveler’s Rest. Missoula Art Museum. Garnet Ghost Town. Blue Mountain. Some neat places to shop are Rockin’ Rudy’s and Circle Square. We’re close to lots of day trips, so if you have extra time and want to go an adventure, let us know if we can help.

Here is a map to get you familiar with the area. Click the icon in the upper left hand corner to see a color coded list of the best spots.